“From the age of 8, I began to paint. The practices of weaving, knitting and creating textile designs for fashion houses are in a way professional gestures which I continue to exercise.”

Chantal Morillon.

Born in 1946 in Anjou, France, Chantal Morillon‘s vocation to be an artist started very young.  Passionate in her observation of forms and colours, she conceived motives and printed designs for fashion houses.


Her long adventure as an artist began in Paris. The richness of her pallet and the delicacy of her designs appealed to some of the great names in fashion such as Jean-Louis Scherrer and Christian Dior.

That was followed by a period of changes in her life.  Now a mother and an artist, she lived in a mill-house in the Burgundy countryside for several years. She created large-size works and found new sources of inspiration.  Her work evolved and her research in the field of painting was multiple.  She has kept her works: they are outlines and studio studies.

An important encounter then took place. It was another change in her life but with a continuous theme: contemporary art.

An encounter

While living in Burgundy, Chantal Morillon had met Jany and Michel Thibault, founders and directors of the Atelier Cantoisel in Joigny.

As an assistant at this well known gallery devoted to contemporary art, the artist decided to resume her former activities.

For twenty years Chantal Morillon played a passionate part in relationships between artists, in organizing and hanging exhibitions, and in the follow-up of this gallery which has been devoted to research for more than thirty years.

She was strongly encouraged in her work as an artist by Jany and Michel Thibault;  by her artist friends, her collectors and the many visitors to this cultural mecca located in the historic centre of Joigny, a town rated as one of exceptional interest in the category “Art and History”.

Chantal  exhibited alongside many great painters in this centre for art: Jean-Paul Agosti, Janos Ber, Christian Bonnefoi, Pierre Burabglio, Jean-Louis Gerbaud, Alexandre Hollan, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Claude Viallat and many others.  Working alongside these contemporary artists has been a source of great enrichment.

Chantal Morillon was still painting and exhibiting her work while she was suffering from cancer. She passed away in October 2013, towards Heavenly landscapes.